Issue 2

By Ania Payne Chilies  In the house behind the chili factory, the living room hung heavy with aromas of poblano,
By Thomas Snarsky Twins are to triplets as mirrors are to kaleidoscopes Roses & porcupines are both alive All twelve
By Isabelle Correa Joe and I used to eat our lunches of jelly sandwiches and celery sticks by the pond.
By Lisa M. Cole & warrior. Opening the gate, I am lost in the tide of your shimmers. As if
By Katherine Gehan At 3 am when I miss Pete most terribly, I feel my heart squeeze into a very
By Lindsay Lusby That is rather slippery of you, Agent Starling. When the truth is small enough to fit in
By Kimberly Ann Southwick Donna Ferland told us at recess she remembered the Challenger disaster from when she was two.
By Patrick Williams Please join me in the theatre of teeth. The play is called I'll bet "zephyr" is the
By Anna Meister day after day. Where the alarm is a slow build I require. Where the snow doesn’t end  afterwards.
By Rebecca Harrison We carried the lake with us. We packed it in boxes and mugs. My job was to
By Erin Carlyle she is not the brilliant head of anything. she sits slack and never learns. you bring her
By Emily O'Neill I went to the hooking & found the pie-maker (still smirking as Ford at the end of
By D.J. Parris No one can know how they'll get along. No matter how clean your house/swollen your bank account/beautiful
Fall's here, and that's writing season. This issue is a good way to get you into the right frame of
By Zain Saeed The Artist’s Whimsy The booms usually came before the sirens, so some people thought it okay to