Sep 25

Editor’s Note: Issue #2

Fall’s here, and that’s writing season. This issue is a good way to get you into the right frame of mind for that, and it’s also a good way to remind yourself of what writing can be when you get down to doing it well. I’m so impressed with the stories and the poems, and the art that accompanies it all just makes everything sing.

Most of the credit for how good this issue is, outside of our good luck in contributors, is the work of our readers (Rachel, Meghan, Eliot and Delia) as well as our editors (Erin and Tyler). I don’t know what it’s like for any other editor in chief, but I feel exceptionally useless, and I think that’s because everyone else in this effort is so very good at what they’re doing.

This time around we decided to bring in Jenny Germann to fill in the gaps where we didn’t have enough submitted art (and, if we’re honest, to simply be represented in our second issue). She’s a terrific artist and I’m excited to have so much of her work appearing throughout the issue. We also lucked out that Michelle Johnsen, our resident art editor, has a few pieces here and there as well. Man, I love her stuff.

The rest of our content, of course, comes from writers and artists from near and far. I’m giddy with how good it all is, and hope you’re just as entertained.

You’ll also notice that there is a new “past issues” link at the top. That’s where issue one went, if you missed it the first time around.

Naturally, if you come across something that you really enjoy, consider sharing it out in that big wide world. Even better, why not track down the writer or artist and let them know. There is nothing as wonderful as that for a creative, so just go ahead and do it while you have a minute or two.


Alright, friends. Dig in.

-Matthew Kabik
Editor in chief
Third Point Press




Art: “Boothbay at Dusk” by Jenny Germann