I remember exactly when Third Point Press started (as an idea, naturally, but still): I saw a flyer for a short short story reading down the street from where I live in Lancaster. It was put on by something called The Triangle and I knew, now that I didn’t have the comfort of my MFA cohort, I needed to make writerly friends in my own city.

I went and met two of the founders of The Triangle (Erin Dorney and Tyler Barton). I read a little story, I drank some wine. At the end of the event I spouted off a series of ideas to them both, one of which was starting a publication. They said they had thought about that, too. I mean, not at the same time. Not like those twins in The Shining or anything.

Skip ahead a bit, and you have this. Third Point Press. We want to be a voice in the literary community, but also in our own community. We want to be worldwide but also undeniably local. We have a few ways of doing that: making sure that some of our content in each issue is made up of writers from Lancaster, York, and Harrisburg PA, for example. We’re also planning to publish chapbooks of local authors alongside anthologies and collections from authors anywhere we can find them. We want to think locally and globally. The best of both worlds. Why not?

Take a look at the submission guidelines to get a sense of what we’re looking for, and to submit. This is going to be something earnest and great, and I’m very excited to have you along for it.

-Matthew L Kabik
Founding Editor