Sep 25

Hello All

By Patrick Williams

Please join me in the theatre
of teeth. The play is called
I’ll bet “zephyr” is the first
weird word you’ll ever learn.
It opens on our protagonist
pulled over. He dumps guts
from a husk of new blunt
out into the gutter from just
under the driver’s-side door.
He blows a stop sign. Act
Two takes place in a plush,
sunken living room where I
attended a party in 7th grade.
In Act Three a queue of rain-
soaked people wait to see
the anthrax letters on display;
someone is tuning an old piano
in another part of the museum.
I forgot to mention we’ll catch
a glimpse of a gun in Act One.
Auditions begin promptly at 9.





Patrick Williams is a poet and academic librarian living in Central New York. His recent work appears in publications including Prelude, BORT Quarterly, Incessant Pipe, and Heavy Feather Review. He is the editor of Really System, a journal of poetry and extensible poetics. Find him at and on Twitter @activitystory.

Art: “Mommalicious” by Jenny Germann

Jenny Germann’s work is based on locations that hold significance in her life. She uses landscapes to convey experiences, often drawing influence from her travels and daily observations.

She uses a blend of pyrography (woodburning) and painting to express her vision. Pyrography lends a controlled and physically satisfying aspect to the work, whereas the painting is experimental and evocative. She mixes the mediums as a way to communicate her perspective, using making as a form of introspection, and personal expression.
Born in Kansas, Jenny lives and works in Lancaster, PA.  She earned her BFA from the University of Kansas and is getting her MS from Eastern University.  She is married to furniture designer and cabinetmaker Evan Germann and together, they have two (adorable) dogs.