Sep 25

Quantum Theophanies

By Thomas Snarsky

Twins are to triplets as mirrors are to kaleidoscopes

Roses & porcupines are both alive

All twelve of the slave-owning presidents are dead

All thirty NBA teams are ranked according to statistics

What the fuck am I doing What the fuck are we doing

What are the conditions under which we dilate

Are the openings ready for this putative onslaught

Uh huh uh huh Sure they are Sure you are Sure

These infinite gazes are plummeting & getting old

You are my favorite sentinel in oxblood boots

You are the sentinel of sentinels with your mauve heart

The four chambers of which are fast becoming sand

The enterprises are closing in Circulating their spirit of judgment

While liabilities are held deep undercover in the bowel tectonic

The shellfish are doing their damnedest to resist panarchy

Are you ready to concede the water lily

Are you absolutely sure you have to






Tom Snarsky is a Noyce Teaching Fellow at Tufts University in Medford, MA. His poems have recently appeared or are forthcoming in Blackbox Manifold, theEEEL, aglimpseof, M58, and elsewhere. He lives in Braintree, MA.

Art: “Reflect” by Sarah A. O’Brien

Sarah A. O’Brien graduated from Providence College in May 2015, earning her B.A. in Creative Writing and Studio Art, with a concentration in cheap red wine. Sarah’s work has previously appeared in Every Writer’s Every Day Poems, Snapping Twig, The Screech Owl, The Alembic, Copley Hall of Art, and Hunt-Cavanagh Gallery. For more, see her website,, or follow her @fluent_SARAcasm.