Issue 7

By Savina Velkova Just before the turn for the monastery we see a limbless tree with a rusty sign: Skara
By monet thomas tw: domestic violence A whiff of onions was all that preceded the punch that sent Daniella Boyd
by chloe clark It’s about twelve o’clock and we’re dropping pennies from the roof of the old schoolhouse. We watch
BY John Birdsong Amanda said later that I’d been saying things like it for weeks, but I hadn’t. I said
by antonina palisano Again the bleak particular of brick and topiary    Lucky Jim’s See the City       from a Segway        My
on eagerness after Aziza Barnes by bernard ferguson consider the centipede and its slow progression of legs across the cold
by moira j. We have been on the move, hunting down rainclouds. We have walked for too long and too
by Jalayna walton Waiting for the boy to go to sleep so I can get up fry up quesadillas on
by Nicholas Brown Six Months Married someone                               dug out                                                         a role                                                                                                                          in your
by madeline anthes Something had happened to Mother. She had started staring past me, looking at something I couldn’t see.
by Katherine Connolly 2015                                
Monsters and Lace Bath Photo
by amy rossi It is raining on my right and thundering on my left. It is possible I have this