Apr 26


by Jalayna walton

Waiting for the boy to go to sleep
so I can get up
fry up quesadillas on the stove
not worry about cleaning up my angst
keeping my fist down low.

I want to be able to
shake my hands in the heat
tell my problems to the tortilla and tomato
hash them out with a thing
that only exists
for my satisfaction.




Jalayna Walton is a storyteller. Her current literary interest is Micropoetry. She currently serves as a Community Engagement Specialist (Americorp) for Habitat for Humanity-SKC. She hails from Ferguson, MO but currently lives in the Seattle, WA area.

Art by Featured Artist, Sirena Hildebrand.

Monsters and Lace was created by Sirena the Mermaid and Chris the Troll. They live in Lancaster, PA, with their many plant children, such as Mary the Mint and Bert the Dracaena. On any given day, you might find them romping through the forest, toting reflectors, camera gear, smoke grenades, and who knows what other props. The aim, is to tell a story via pictures, whether it be a hard road a friend has travelled, or a light hearted children’s tale. To view the world through a lens is a beautiful thing! To capture someone’s soul within a photo is a hard task, but one they aim to master.