Jun 06

Belly Button Fantasy

by Jennifer Wolkin

Belly Button Fantasy


Jennifer Wolkin is a health and neuro psychologist, speaker, mental health advocate, and mindfulness-meditation practitioner.  She just started her MFA in creative writing and literary translation at Queens College, and feels blessed to finally be pursuing this dream! She is most passionate about writing at the intersection where the mind, body, brain and spirit meet -about the holistic human experience- through the eyes of both, her own experience, and through her professional lens. 

Art by Mark Wiles

We all give off subtle or even overt clues what and how we feel or think; from tiny, involuntary facial movements to physical or vocal gestures. We cannot exist without leaving our mark on the world around us.  One cannot engage in the creative process without leaving evidence of one’s own life in the work. I try to place very little influence on my subjects’ poses. I want to capture the person, not what I make them out to be.  Though I find it impossible to do this without leaving a trace of myself behind as well.  Although I have been actively shooting since high school, it is only in the last 10 years that I truly regarded myself as an artist.  My artistic journey started at a dark time in my life and in turn, the work consisted of dark, low-key images.  However, the work gradually changed as my life took a positive direction.  The images are a therapy for me, providing me with introspection.  Each person who had a hand in the process alters it a bit. I hope when you view the pieces that you will learn about each of the models, the hair stylists, makeup artists, and perhaps even the photographer involved in creating them.  How do you leave your mark on the world?