Jun 06

All Inclusive

by Louis Wenzlow

But enough about my fearing the AI apocalypse
And the end of flesh as we know it, enough about
Those concentration camps of the future, 100%
Mechanized with simulated human interaction,
The interface between different systems of processing
Foreignness, enough too about suffering, about the
Beating of the tell-tale heart and how sorry/not sorry
We are. I wonder if it’s time to book that package to
Cozumel, lay down on the beach with a pot boiler,
And bronze until we’re beautiful. Let’s drink Pina
Coladas out of coconuts and suck on pineapple wedges.
We’ll choose the best of the six restaurants and gorge
Ourselves on tenderloin and salt encrusted prawns,
Share a triptych of crème brulee, sip premium bourbon
Out on the terrace, above the sapphire Caribbean, as
The sun does yet another gaudy disappearing act,
Spend an hour gabbing about nothing too important,
And finally stroll to the lounge and watch the nightclub
Singer with the smoking voice, like the latest greatest
Amy Winehouse, singing/living herself raw for us.

Louis Wenzlow’s poems and short stories have appeared or are forthcoming in (B)oink, Cleaver, The Forge Literary Magazine, Inflectionist Review, International Poetry Review, Jellyfish Review, Jersey Devil Press, and other places. He lives with his family in Baraboo Wisconsin.
Art by Rob Seitz
Rob Seitz is an artist and educator based in Philadelphia. He wants to remind you to make art without worrying about whether it’s good or important because one day it may be. See more art or commission custom work through facebook.com/seitzprint