Nov 19

She Says/Space, in Chains

By Sara Krassin


she says

I’ll tell you everything there were Words she says
Words she says Guilty of repeated forgetfulness

white words that sleep in echoes cross mouths
without looking both ways She opens her door

to the winds repeats until she’s drunk with birds

You there! she calls out shakes her so she’ll drop
the words she stole fills her mouth with gravel

her echo chains her to his house buries her there

She dreams in parallel slashes that meet beyond the
page Draw me a dream she says and fills it with

the distance between two names known only to her

They say his house is not a house nothing the way
you peel a fruit his tale unrolled his lines borrowed

She says one can be lost like water from a broken
jug she says One day I’ll leave nothing but echo


Erasure of Venus Khoury-Ghata’s book “She Says”


space, in chains

I cracked in half the bath growing cold around
the woman calling to someone in another room.

The wind has toppled the telescope: So much for stars.

She just kept her thoughts to herself. She just
followed him kept walking to the ragged edge.

But here the flakes still fall in slow motion so why?

I keep forgetting. Never asked. I built my prison
lay down at the center tiny blue tile broken.


Erasure of Laura Kasischke’s book “Space, in Chains”





Sara Krassin is a Minneapolis based poet, editor, and student. She serves on the editorial board of Jellyfish Highway Press and is an MFA candidate in Creative Writing at Hamline University. Her poems have appeared in Artemis and The Sand Canyon Review.


Art: “Black Sun” by issue 6 featured artist, Matthew Chapman

Working from relationships observed in his day-to-day, Matt finds his work in an interaction between two people, the space between the meeting of nature and architecture, or the spill of light on the ground. Using painting and drawing as a way to speak to the these relationships, a language of geometric abstraction and considered mark making is developed.

Chapman lives and works in Lancaster PA, studied at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts in Philadelphia (MFA) as well as Lancaster’s Pennsylvania College of Art & Design (BFA). He has exhibited at: The Walter and Leonore Annenberg Gallery, Samuel M.V. Hamilton Building at PAFA, Philadelphia PA. Pentimenti Gallery, Philadelphia PA. Rothus Halle, Solothurn, Switzerland. The Ware Center for Visual and Performing Arts at Millersville University, Lancaster PA. Sunshine Art + Design, Lancaster PA. City Hall Permanent Collection, Lancaster PA.

Instagram: Mattallynchapman
Facebook: Matt Allyn Chapman