Dec 25

The Salvage

By Emily Bartholet

At sixteen, I am baking biscuits, then
packing snow into the corners of an oven fire.
After: how to dress a wound in honey.
How to dress myself so I do not smell like wound.
How to brush my hair so I do not look like a chemical,
but rather, like an anise star in an actual star.
The spice is code for go away. The star
just burns and burns. The chemical
is the ever elusive body
of a girl. Do I miss her? Then:
how would I know if I did?





Emily Bartholet is a freshman at Dickinson College in Cumberland County, Pennsylvania. When she’s not studying you can usually find her writing frantically, a disturbingly large mug of coffee at her side. Emily’s work has been published online and in print, with her most recent credit being a poem in The Four Seasons, an anthology by Kind of A Hurricane Press.

Art: With Flowers by Alyssa Giannini

Alyssa Giannini is a Lancaster County native living in Olympia, Washington. She is a mover, a shaker, and a zine maker. She doesn’t know how to write bios, but she does know how to make dad jokes. You can look at embarrassingly personal things she’s created via