Dec 25

Editor’s Note. Issue 3

Publishing our 3rd issue on the 25th of December, when lots of folks are with families or at least not at work. Kinda risky, isn’t it? Opening for submissions for a month and then turning around an issue in a month after that, kinda risky too, I guess. And then there’s the contents of this issue itself. A handful of very talented, very strong writers. Another handful of exceptional artists and photographers. Risky, risky risky.

But risk, my dear reader, is a reward in and of itself. So here it is: issue 3 of Third Point Press. Inside you’ll find some of our strongest work yet, written and created by some of the strongest writers and artists out in the world today. I couldn’t be more proud.

So while you’re hiding in a bathroom to avoid your family (or, like so many, potentially spending this time alone), why not read through this issue and remember that good art can be consumed any time you like.

-Matthew Kabik
Editor in chief
Third Point Press

Art by Josh Graupera, Issue 3 Featured Artist 

Josh Graupera is a Lancaster born, Philadelphia based artist. He received his BFA in Painting at Millersville University in 2014. Graupera has also attended residencies at the Chautauqua Institution, the Fabric Workshop Museum and Second State Press.