May 14

I Watch Dishes

By Alina Stefanescu

the woman is a blend
a detail-buster

harem moving with duster
memory being flummoxed feeling

I’m watching the dishes
to catch a close-up but

the problem with non-
descript persons is horizon

a pile of dishes on the counter
we don’t know what to make of them



Alina was born in Romania, raised in Alabama, and reared by the ghost of Hannah Arendt. She lives in Tuscaloosa with her partner and three small people. A finalist in the Black Warrior Review’s annual poetry contest this year, Alina has syllables forthcoming in Mulberry Fork Review, Kindred and Rivet Journal, among others. Her homeland is a speculative fiction. Visit her at:
Art by Alyssa Giannini, Soul Converter
Alyssa Giannini; Lancaster County native; Olympia, WA transplant. INFJ zinester working on that PMA. Anxiously unemployed, invested in community organizing, mental health, diy music and creative pursuits. visit her website at