May 14

Google 1

By Paul Fauteux

As a less-than-stellar youth
I googled “shaving pubic hair”
and found a man who said
“I want to shave my pubic hair”
and the forum doctor said that
“God made your pubic hairs
for his divine purpose and should
you shave your pubic hairs
you’ll know the purpose” and
he made it clear the man was free
to go ahead and that he could
be smooth and clean and wait
to wait and see.

rob on mary


Paul Fauteux received his MFA from George Mason University, where he was the 2011-2012 Completion Fellow. His recent work has appeared or is forthcoming in Anima Magazine, Third Point Press, Ampersand, Burnside Review, Regime and other magazines, and for the advocacy of other fine poets on The Lit Pub. His first chapbook, “The Best Way to Drink Tea,” is out from Plan B Press. “How to Un-do Things,” a book-length manuscript, was recognized as a semi-finalist in the 11th Annual Slope Editions Book Prize.

Photograph by Michelle Johnsen, Rob on Mary