Youth City Poet Laureates


Photo from The Mix at Arbor Place

Earlier this year, and as part of the Youth Poet Laureate program of The Mix at Arbor Place, two young poets were honored with the title of Youth City Poet Laureates. Natalia Delgado and Thea Buckwalter each took home the title after being selected from a field of poets, rappers, leaders and activists between the ages of 13 through 18.

Along with the titles, both poets received scholarships and opportunities to share their poetry (and spread poetry as a whole) through Lancaster and beyond.

We here at Third Point Press are honored to share one of their winning poems, and to help engage with The Mix at Arbor Place in promoting youth involvement in the written and performed arts.

Caddy Compson by Thea Buckwalter

How am I supposed to replace him? by Natalia Delgado