How am I supposed to replace him?

By Natalia delgado

How am I supposed to replace him?
There’s no words to describe my feelings around him,
He’s all I ever wanted…
But he’s missing, it’s not enough for him to give me money or presents all I want is
his time
and for him to love me.
I want him to embrace me in his arms like he never did before, I want him to say
I love you.
When I’m around him I feel secure but when I’m not I feel lost, like I’m searching
Something but can’t seem to find it… I feel incomplete.
There have been many replacements, but not enough replacements to fill the
void in my
I hate you, I love you…
I don’t need you, but I need you…
I don’t miss you, I miss you…
I don’t care about you, but I care about you!
Where in this love/hate kind of relationship, dumb kind of relationship, this
childish kind of
relationship, this selfish kind of relationship…
You left me alone not knowing what to do,
I needed you!
You only thought about yourself…
How am I supposed to replace him?
These chains are getting heavier and I’m getting weaker.
I’ve tried to cut them off but they’ve become thicker.
You did this! Made my chains grow bigger.
You should’ve been there for me, you should’ve given me your time, your love…
Daddy, your love.
But I’m breaking these chains.